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Gems of the Zodiac: Unveiling the Enchantment of Birthstones

Birthstones have long captivated the attention of jewellery lovers and gemstone enthusiasts. These alluring stones hold great significance in different cultures and are believed to possess unique characteristics associated with the month you were born. At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we take immense pleasure and pride in unveiling the vibrant world of birthstones for our cherished… Read More »

What Is The Birthstone For Each Zodiac?

Discover the unique connection between your zodiac sign and its corresponding birthstone. From the fiery diamond for Aries, to the mysterious opal for Scorpio!

Why Are Stones Associated With Months?

Explore the cultural, historical and spiritual significance of birthstones in our article ‘Why Are Stones Associated With Months?’. Unearth the hidden significance behind each gemstone and its association with specific months.

What Are Birthstones For Each Month And Their Meanings?

Discover the fascinating world of birthstones and their meanings for each month! Embark on a journey to understand the history, significance, and symbolism of these vibrant gems.

What Are The Gems For Each Month?

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What Is The Star Stone For May?

Discover the enchanting world of birthstones with a focus on May’s star stone – the vibrant Emerald. Learn about its backstory, symbolism, properties and its cultural significance.

What Is The Lucky Gem For May?

Discover the lucky gem for May, its significance, and rich history. Understand the mystical connection between the emerald gemstone and those born in May.

What Are The Semi-precious Stones For Birth Months?

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What Jewelry Is For June?

Explore our guide to the best jewelry for June, featuring exquisite pieces from pearls to alexandrite and moonstone. Accessorize your June outfits perfectly.

Why Does June Have 2 Birthstones?

Explore the unique phenomenon of June’s two birthstones – Pearl and Alexandrite. Learn their history, significance and why this month gets two sparkling gems.