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Surge in Market Presence: The Rise of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Explore the rise of lab-grown diamonds, now 18.5% of diamond sales. Learn how they’re transforming the market with affordability, quality, and ethical advantages.

Princess Charlotte Parades Her Bracelets at Wimbledon

Princess Charlotte dazzled at Wimbledon with bracelets rich in heritage and style, featuring a protective nazar amulet and her name in Arabic, blending royal tradition and modern elegance.

Kate Middleton’s Dazzling Return to Public Life at Wimbledon

Kate Middleton’s dazzling return at Wimbledon showcased resilience, family, and royal elegance. From her stunning dress to heartwarming moments, it was an unforgettable event!

Top Travel Jewelry Cases for Safekeeping and Organizing

Discover the best travel jewelry cases for 2024, ensuring safekeeping and organization with top-rated options like Hermès and BEIS. Perfect for travel and gym visits!

Graduation-Themed Jewelry Gifts by With Clarity

Explore the exquisite graduation-themed jewelry gifts by With Clarity. Discover customizable diamond rings, necklaces, and bracelets that combine elegance and quality.

ELLE Reviewed the Best Travel Jewelry Cases

Reviewing the best travel jewelry cases of 2024, ELLE showcases top picks for organization and protection. From luxury to budget-friendly, find your perfect match!

Jewelry Watches Are Experiencing a Resurgence on Red Carpets

Discover why jewelry watches are making a grand comeback on red carpets. Explore stunning pieces and celebrity favorites spotlighting elegance and craftsmanship.

Hearts on Fire Rebrands to Focus on Modern Fine Jewelry

Hearts on Fire rebrands to modern fine jewelry with Barre Collection. Focuses on versatile diamond pieces, consistent pricing, and global market expansion. Discover more.

With Clarity’s Company Overview: Discover High-Quality Fine Jewelry

Discover With Clarity’s fine jewelry collection, offering high-quality, customizable pieces perfect for celebrating life’s milestones with elegance and eco-friendly practices.

Karina Choudhrie Ready to Hit Vegas With Fine Jewelry Collections

Discover the journey of Karina Choudhrie as she unveils her exquisite fine jewelry collections, Icon & Vitamin Pink, debuting at Las Vegas’ prestigious Couture show.