What Was The Queen’s Favourite Gemstone?

By | November 23, 2023

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What Was The Queen’s Favourite Gemstone?

What Was The Queen’s Favourite Gemstone? Picture yourself in the grandeur of the royal palace, adorned with priceless historical artifacts and luxurious gems. This fascinating piece takes you through a captivating journey exploring the Queen’s favorite gemstone. Considered a significant aspect of the royal accessory tradition, the preference of the Queen when it comes to precious stones has always piqued royal enthusiasts’ curiosity worldwide. Let’s demystify the royal taste and plunge into the colorful world of her Majesty’s cherished gemstones.

What Was The Queen's Favourite Gemstone?

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Historical Background of British Royals and Gemstones

Gemstones have an intricate history when it comes to the British royal family. Over centuries, these rare and valuable stones have played a significant role in royal tradition, symbolizing wealth, power, and status.

Association between British royals and gemstones

British royals are known for their association with some of the world’s finest gemstone pieces, thanks to the widespread and influential British Empire. Gemstones have not only been a symbol of majestic appeal but also of political alignments and marital alliances.

Historic significance of gemstones in royal families

Historically, gemstones served as a testament to the power and influence of the British monarchy. From crowns and scepters to large ornamental pieces, these jewels were incorporated into many elements that had royal significance. Gemstones were also used to adorn royal attire, signifying their prominent status.

Queen Elizabeth II’s connection to gemstones

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch in British history, has had a particularly strong connection with gemstones. She is said to have a personal affinity for them, appreciating their beauty, historical significance, and representing her as the institution of the Crown.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Jewelry Collection

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth’s extensive jewelry collection is said to be one of the most valuable and remarkable in the world.

Overview of Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry

Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry collection contains countless pieces, each with its own unique story. These include crowns, tiaras, necklaces, brooches, earrings, and other ornaments embellished with a multitude of gemstones.

Gemstones present in Queen’s collection

The Queen’s collection is filled with a wide variety of gemstones including diamonds, pearls, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Each of these gemstones has its own historical significance and beauty, adding a unique element to every piece.

Notable pieces in Queen Elizabeth’s collection

The Queen’s collection houses many historical pieces, such as the Imperial State Crown, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Coronation Necklace and earrings, the Queen Mary’s Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, and many others, each holding a deep historical significance.

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Queen’s Favourite Gemstone: The Diamond

There is evidence to suggest that among all the gemstones, diamonds are the Queen’s favorite.

Evidence suggesting diamond as Queen’s favorite gemstone

The Queen’s preference for diamonds might be observed based on the frequency of her wearing diamond pieces. She often opts for diamond jewelry for public engagements and state functions.

Significance of diamonds in Queen’s jewelry

Diamonds play an essential role in the Queen’s personal and ceremonial pieces. Their universal appeal, coupled with their durability and strength, make them a symbol of power and longevity – attributes befitting a Queen.

Queen’s most notable diamond pieces

Some of the Queen’s notable diamond pieces include the stunning Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, the Imperial State Crown adorned with Cullinan diamonds, and the Queen’s Diamond Diadem.

The Royal Connection with Diamonds

Diamonds have a deep and enduring connection with British royalty.

Historical significance of diamonds in British monarchy

Diamonds have been an integral part of the British monarchy for centuries. As far back as the 13th century, British monarchs started incorporating diamonds into the Crown Jewels, symbolizing their power and prowess.

Role of diamonds in royal ceremonies

Diamonds play a significant role in royal ceremonies. They have often been used in coronation crowns and scepters, symbolizing royal authority and prestige during important ceremonies.

Diamonds and royal crown jewels

Notably, diamonds are prominently featured in the Crown Jewels. These jewels represent a display of some of the most significant and internationally recognized symbols of the British monarchy.

What Was The Queen's Favourite Gemstone?

Legendary Royal Diamonds

The history of the British royal family has seen some legendary diamonds.

Koh-I-Noor Diamond

The Koh-I-Noor diamond is one of the most famous and controversial diamonds connected with British royalty. It’s one of the largest diamonds in the world and has been a part of the Crown Jewels since being acquired during the British Empire’s rule in India.

Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan diamond holds the title for the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever discovered. It was cut into several pieces, the largest two of which are part of the Crown Jewels.

Queen’s Diamond Diadem

The Queen’s Diamond Diadem, featuring a stunning array of diamonds, is often worn by Queen Elizabeth II in official portraits and on her way to the State Opening of Parliament.

Specific Diamond Pieces Loved by Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has a special affinity for a few diamond pieces she often wears.

Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara is frequently worn by the Queen, making it one of her most recognizable pieces. It was a wedding gift to her grandmother, Queen Mary, and later gifted to Elizabeth on her wedding day.

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau came into the limelight when it was worn by Meghan Markle at her wedding to Prince Harry. This tiara, gifted by Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth, features a stunning detachable brooch in the center with an impressive diamond.

Imperial State Crown

The Imperial State Crown, worn at every closing of Parliament, is a significant piece in the Queen’s collection. It features the Second Star of Africa diamond, the second-largest fragment of the Cullinan diamond.

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Other Favourite Gemstones of Queen Elizabeth II

Although diamonds seem to be the Queen’s favorite, she also cherishes several other gemstones.

Sapphires in royal jewelry collection

Sapphires, the Queen’s birthstone, hold a unique place in her collection. The most prominent of them all is the stunning sapphire choker, a wedding gift from her father, King George VI.

Emeralds and the Queen

Emeralds have been a part of the royal gemstone collection for centuries. Queen Elizabeth often wears her Grandmother’s Emerald Drop Earrings, showcasing her fondness for this beautiful green stone.

The Queen’s love for pearls

Pearls have often been associated with royalty due to their natural beauty and rare occurrence. They feature heavily in Queen Elizabeth’s collection, most notably in her three-strand pearl necklace, which she frequently wears.

The Queen’s Birthstone: The Sapphire

Born in September, the Queen’s birthstone is the sapphire, a stone associated with wisdom and royalty.

Significance of sapphire as Queen’s birthstone

The exquisite blue sapphire is associated with wisdom, loyalty, and nobility – traits befitting a queen. It’s no surprise then that sapphires hold special significance for Queen Elizabeth.

Queen’s sapphire jewelry

The Queen possesses some exceptional sapphire pieces, including the George VI Victorian Suite, gifted by her father on her wedding. Later, she had the necklace and earrings modernized, and a matching tiara and bracelet made, turning it into a parure (a set of matching jewelry).

Notable sapphire pieces in royal collection

Other notable sapphire pieces include the St Edward’s Sapphire in the Imperial State Crown and Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Coronation ring. Plus, there’s the Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch, regularly worn by the Queen, a testament to her fondness for the stunning blue gem.

What Was The Queen's Favourite Gemstone?

Stories Behind the Queen’s Gemstones

Every gemstone in the Queen’s collection comes with a unique story.

History of Queen’s gemstones

The Queen’s gemstones aren’t just mere jewels; they are pieces of history that have been amassed over centuries. Many of them are associated with significant events, marking milestones in the royal family’s history.

Gemstones received as gifts

Many of the Queen’s gemstones were received as gifts, often marking important personal landmarks. For instance, the beautiful ruby and diamond floral bandeau necklace was gifted by the people of Burma as a wedding gift.

Queen’s gemstones passed down through generations

Several pieces have been passed down through generations, carrying family history and continuity of traditions. These heirlooms not only hold immense monetary value but also striking historical and sentimental value.

Impact of Queen’s Choice on Society’s Gemstone Preferences

The Queen’s choice of gemstones significantly influences societal preferences and trends in the jewelry industry.

Inspiration derived from Queen’s gemstone preference

The Queen’s choice in gemstones often inspires the public, shaping their preferences. Pieces Queen Elizabeth wears can become highly sought after, leading to trends in fashion and jewelry industries.

Significance of Queen’s favorite gemstone to jewelry industry

The jewelry industry has always taken note of the monarch’s preferences. When Queen Elizabeth is seen favoring a particular gemstone, its demand tends to rise in the market, underscoring the impact of her choices on the industry.

Trends influenced by Queen’s gemstone choice

Over the decades, Queen Elizabeth’s choice has set several trends. Her love for pearls and diamonds, in particular, has continually influenced their popularity, making these gemstones timeless classics in the world of jewelry.

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