Who Should Not Wear Ruby?

By | November 11, 2023

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Who Should Not Wear Ruby?

Who Should Not Wear Ruby? You’ve probably heard about the captivating allure of a ruby, its deep red hue radiating a bewitching charm. However, it’s not just about the beauty; in the mystical world of gemology, the ruby has profound astrological significance. ‘Who Should Not Wear Ruby?’ is an insightful article that unveils the little-known aspects of this gemstone, helping you to understand both its benefits and drawbacks. You’ll gain valuable insights to help you determine if you’re ideally suited to this stone or if you may want to consider other gemstones instead.

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Understanding The Astrological Significance of Ruby

Gemstones are believed to have significant astrological influences, and among them, the Ruby has historically been regarded with high esteem. Ancient societies around the world have revered Ruby for its captivating color and shimmer. However, beyond their physical beauty, these gems have supposed astrological properties that might significantly impact your life in various ways, be it your health, emotions, relationships, or career.

Astrology and gemstones

Astrology is an age-old belief system that correlates celestial bodies with human affairs. Gemstones like Ruby, with their transient allure, have become integral to this system. They are believed to derive power from the planets, acting as conduits for the energies of the universe.

Role of Ruby in astrology

In astrology, Ruby is related to the Sun, a dominant force signifying power, authority, and self-expression. It is believed to improve the wearer’s status and reputation and inspire creativity and wisdom. Wearing a Ruby is thought to amplify the positive qualities of the Sun within you, instilling confidence, enthusiasm, and courage.

Who benefits from wearing a Ruby

Astrologically, Rubies are generally beneficial for Leos or those with a strong Sun in their natal chart. It may also assist individuals seeking promotion, recognition, or creative inspiration. However, caution should be exercised, as not everyone should wear a Ruby. In some cases, it may lead to heightened aggression or dominance, both physically and emotionally.

Ruby and Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs often have a complex relationship with gemstones like Ruby. Such connections are determined by astrological calculations, which consider the position of celestial bodies at the time of your birth.

Symbiotic relation between Ruby and certain zodiac signs

For some zodiac signs, wearing a Ruby can bring harmony and prosperity. Leos, for instance, ruled by the Sun, can benefit significantly from the positive energies of Ruby. It can enhance their natural enthusiasm and charisma, potentially leading to success in both personal and professional spheres.

Zodiac signs that should avoid Ruby

However, not all zodiac signs might favor Ruby. Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, for example, may experience an imbalance in their planetary energies, leading to a negative impact on their temperament, health, or relationships.

Effects of Ruby on different zodiac signs

Beliefs suggest that Ruby can enhance Leo’s natural charm, warm Aries’ assertive tendencies, and nurture Sagittarius’ spontaneity. On the other hand, it may also agitate the cool, calm demeanor of Taurus or inject unnecessary resilience in the easy-going Pisces.

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Ascendant Signs and Ruby

In astrology, your Ascendant sign, also known as the Rising sign, is just as important as your Sun sign. It represents your outer personality, behavior, and appearance, influencing how others perceive you.

Definition of Ascendant signs

The Ascendant sign points to the zodiac sign that was ascending in the east at the exact moment and place of your birth. It’s a crucial contributor to your astrological profile, shaping not just your physical appearance but also your innate reactions to your environment.

Ascendant signs that should not wear Ruby

The interplay between Ascendant signs and Ruby can dominate your persona and subsequent reactions. Ascendants like Cancer and Pisces should avoid wearing Ruby, as it may lead to a clash of cosmic energies, impacting health, emotions, and relationships.

Why these signs should avoid Ruby

The cooling, calming energies of such signs may clash with the fiery energies of Ruby, potentially stirring hidden anxieties, aggravating health issues, or creating discord in relationships.

Health Implications of Wearing Ruby

Rubies, much like other gemstones, are said to have health benefits and potential drawbacks. While some individuals can experience improved vitality and vigor, others might encounter nonspecific health issues, headaches, or increased aggression.

Positive health effects of Ruby

Ruby is believed to regulate circulation, support heart health, and increase vitality. It’s also said to aid in detoxification and positively impact reproductive health.

Possible negative health impacts for certain individuals

However, for those not suited to Rubies, they may cause health problems such as inflammation, heart palpitations, or aggressive tendencies. It may also over-stimulate the already fiery temperament of certain individuals causing ill effects on their overall wellbeing.

Who should be cautious about these health implications

Particularly, those with pre-existing heart conditions or high blood pressure should consult a professional before deciding to wear Ruby.

Ruby and Emotional Impact

Much like the influence on physical health, Ruby can also sway emotions and temperament.

How Ruby affects emotions and temperament

Ruby is believed to strengthen willpower, increase motivation, and boost confidence. However, it can potentially stir up anger, dominance, and impulsiveness in certain individuals.

Who could be adversely affected emotionally

Zodiac signs whose natural temperament doesn’t align with the Ruby’s vibrational energies may experience emotional disturbances. For instance, naturally peaceful signs like Taurus might transform into a state of agitation and anger.

Balancing emotional health when wearing Ruby

Balancing your emotional health while wearing Ruby requires understanding your zodiac compatibility, seeking advice from skilled astrologers, and regular mental exercises like meditation to maintain emotional equilibrium.

Ruby and Physical Disorders

Rubies, while known for their positive vibrations, can sometimes also complicate physical ailments.

Ruby’s relation to physical health

On a positive note, Ruby is believed to stimulate metabolism, improve blood circulation, and protect against diseases related to the heart and blood.

Physical disorders possibly aggravated by Ruby

On the flip side, in incompatible individuals, Ruby might lead to heat-related disorders, inflammation, or increased blood pressure.

Individuals with specific physical disorders who should avoid Ruby

If you have certain health disorders, especially related to the heart and blood, it may be advisable to avoid wearing a Ruby.

Ruby’s Impact on Mental Health

Much like physical health and emotions, Ruby can also impact your mental health.

Exploring Ruby’s mental health influences

Ruby may inspire an optimistic mindset, improved focus, and enhanced mental capabilities. However, for those not benefitted by Ruby, it can lead to mental restlessness, impulsivity, and aggression.

Potential drawbacks for specific mental health conditions

For individuals with specific mental health conditions such as anxiety, excessive stress, or bipolar disorder, the excessive energies of Ruby might exacerbate the symptoms.

Who should avoid Ruby for mental health reasons

Privacy experts in astrology recommend that those who have a history of mental health disorders or are going through mental health treatments should avoid wearing Rubies without professional astrological guidance.

Ruby and Personal Relationships

While a Ruby can amplify charisma and make you more appealing in social settings, it can sometimes lead to strains in your personal relationships.

How Ruby impacts interpersonal relationships

Ruby amplifies traits of leadership, authority, and dominance, and while these are excellent for professional progress, they may not always be conducive to personal relationships.

Situations when Ruby might cause relationship strains

The heightened assertiveness and rigidity that Ruby could induce might lead to conflicts and misunderstandings in relationships, especially for those who are emotionally sensitive or easy-going.

Individuals who should avoid Ruby due to potential relationship impacts

If your relationships are already strained or if you naturally have a dominating or forceful character, you might want to avoid adding further fuel to the fire with Ruby.

Understanding Ruby’s Influence on Career and Success

Although a Ruby might contribute positively towards career growth and success, for some, it might become a hindrance.

Ruby’s role in career growth and success

For individuals in leadership roles or those in a competitive environment, wearing a Ruby might contribute to success by increasing self-confidence, authority, and assertiveness.

Potential career downsides of Ruby for certain individuals

However, in careers that require team coordination and peaceful coexistence, the dominant energies of Ruby could create discord and hamper growth.

Professions and individuals who should avoid using Ruby

Thus, individuals in professions like counseling, healing, or any job requiring a calm and balanced perspective should think twice before wearing a Ruby.

Corrective Measures if You Must Wear Ruby

If you are compelled to wear Ruby due to specific reasons, there are certain remedies and precautionary measures to mitigate potential adverse effects.

Alternatives to Ruby for those who need it

For those who need a similar vibration but can’t wear Ruby, other warmer stones like Garnet or Carnelian can serve as potential substitutes.

How to mitigate potential adverse effects

If you are predisposed to wear a Ruby, consider astrological remedies like chanting relevant mantras, performing fire rituals, or donating to charity to mitigate potential adverse effects.

When to seek professional guidance about wearing Ruby

Always seeking professional advice before deciding to wear a Ruby can help evaluate its compatibility with your zodiac, ascendant sign, health, and overall lifestyle.

Remember, every individual is unique, and so is the interaction with precious gems like Ruby. So, never hesitate to seek advice when in doubt, and navigate your celestial journey with wisdom and care.

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