By | April 19, 2023
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Good to have our friend @saulnice (IG) back in the store to go over the prices for some beautiful opals. There is a reason opals like these go for a pretty penny and to get your hands on some beautiful uncut gems or any gemstones like these, come by our store at 64 West 47th Street or hit up Saul personally. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Hi, I'm Mark, the author of Maura Gems and Jewellery. As a team of qualified gemmologists and goldsmiths, we bring you world-class jewellery at Bangkok prices. With offices in both Bangkok and the UK, we ethically source the finest gemstones directly, eliminating any middlemen. We offer a wide range of stunning ready-made jewellery items in our new online store, available for retail or wholesale. Additionally, we specialize in custom-made jewellery where we can bring any design to life. Whether you're a trade professional or an individual customer, we cater to all. Feel free to email me at or call/WhatsApp me at 07470547636 or +66949355718. Discover our incredible collection by visiting our online store. I guarantee you'll love what you find there!

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