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Simple Tips to Verify Gems Authenticity

Welcome to Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, where our commitment extends beyond offering exquisite jewellery; we empower our customers with knowledge about the treasures they choose to invest in. Understanding whether a gemstone is real or synthetic can significantly influence its value and your satisfaction as a consumer. In the world of gemstones, authenticity not only drives… Read More »

Affordable Engagement Ring Guide 2024

Embarking on the journey to select the perfect engagement ring is both thrilling and a bit daunting. At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we understand the significance of finding a ring that not only captivates your heart but also fits your budget. To help navigate this important decision, we’ve compiled a guide filled with valuable insights that… Read More »

Discover Rare Gemstones: Unique Jewellery Insights

 Discover Rare Gemstones: Unique Jewellery Insights Discover Rare Gemstones: Unique Jewellery Insights. At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, our love for gems goes beyond the sparkling surfaces and vibrant colours. It dives into a world less known: that of rare gemstones. These gems are not just rare because they are hard to find, but their unique origins… Read More »

Best Jewellery Gifts for Life’s Key Milestones

Best Jewellery Gifts for Life’s Key Milestones Best Jewellery Gifts for Life’s Key Milestones. Here at Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we understand the profound impact that a thoughtfully chosen piece of jewellery can have when commemorating life’s significant milestones. Jewellery is not just an adornment; it embodies memories, celebrates achievements, and often carries a sentimental value… Read More »

Is Alexandrite More Valuable Than Diamonds?

Discover if alexandrite’s rare color-change magic surpasses diamonds’ timeless sparkle. Dive into their unique traits, history, market value, and more!

How Much Is Alexandrite Worth?

Discover the value of alexandrite in “How Much Is Alexandrite Worth?” Explore factors like color change, clarity, and origin that influence this rare gem’s worth.

What Is The Purple Stone Only Found In Africa?

Discover the mysterious Tanzanite, the fascinating purple gemstone only found in Africa. Explore its discovery, unique properties, and why it’s so rare!

What Is The Most Luckiest Gemstone?

Explore the fascinating world of gemstones and discover which one holds the title of the luckiest! Learn about their mystical abilities, history, and influence on luck and prosperity.

What Green Stone Is Only Found In Africa?

Dive deep into Africa’s heart to discover Tsavorite, a mesmerizing green stone exclusive to the continent. Learn about its history, properties, and beauty.

What Is The King Of All Gemstones?

Explore the mesmerizing world of gemstones and unveil the King of All Gemstones in this intriguing, comprehensive article. Mesmerizing history, beauty, mind-boggling facts await!