Ways to Spot Fake Gemstones Before You Buy

By | July 2, 2024

Ways to Spot Fake Gemstones Before You Buy

Ways to Spot Fake Gemstones Before You Buy, Buying a gemstone can be an exciting experience, but it can also be daunting if you’re worried about ending up with a fake. At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we know that distinguishing genuine gemstones from imitations can be tricky. Many synthetic and imitation stones look convincing to the untrained eye, making it essential to know what to look for.

Fake gemstones come in various forms, from glass imitations to lab-created stones. These fakes can mimic the appearance of natural gemstones but usually lack the unique characteristics and value. Being able to spot these differences will help you make informed decisions and ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

We want to help you feel confident when you shop for gemstones. This guide will equip you with practical tips and techniques to identify fake stones before making a purchase. From visual inspections to simple at-home tests, you’ll learn how to safeguard yourself from counterfeit gemstones and make informed buying decisions.

Understanding Common Types of Fake Gemstones

In the market, you’ll come across various types of synthetic and imitation gemstones that can easily deceive buyers. Synthetic gemstones, also known as lab-created or lab-grown stones, are made in laboratories and have the same chemical properties as natural gemstones. While they possess similar brilliance and clarity, these lab-created stones lack the rarity and value of their natural counterparts.

Imitation gemstones, on the other hand, are entirely different materials made to look like genuine stones. These can be made from glass, plastic, or even lesser-valued gemstones. For example, a piece of coloured glass might be sold as a sapphire, or cubic zirconia might be passed off as a diamond. Understanding the difference between these types of fakes and genuine gemstones is crucial in ensuring you get what you pay for.

Visual Clues: Examining Colour, Clarity, and Cut

Spotting fake gemstones can often be accomplished by closely examining certain visual traits. Begin with the colour—natural gemstones usually have a depth and richness that’s hard to replicate. Synthetic or imitation gemstones may have flat, overly vibrant colours that look too perfect to be real. For example, a natural emerald will have slight inclusions and a mix of green hues, whereas a fake one might appear flawlessly green.

When it comes to clarity, real gemstones often contain tiny imperfections or inclusions that form naturally over time. Lab-created stones may appear too clear, and imitation stones might have bubbles or streaks. Inspecting the cut is also important. Natural gemstones are cut to maximise their beauty, but fakes may have uneven edges or unnatural symmetry. In gemstones like diamonds, a genuine one will sparkle with a mix of colours (fire), while a fake might reflect light in a duller, simpler manner. By checking these elements, you can make a more educated guess about the stone’s authenticity.

Physical Tests You Can Perform at Home

Identifying the authenticity of gemstones can also be done through physical tests that you can perform at home. One of the simplest tests involves using a magnifying glass. Natural gemstones usually have tiny flaws like inclusions or colour variations. By examining the gemstone closely, you can see if these natural irregularities are present. A flawless stone might indicate a synthetic or imitation product.

Another effective test is the scratch test. This involves gently scratching the gemstone with a material that ranks lower on the Mohs scale of hardness. For instance, a real diamond can scratch glass, while a fake one might not. Be cautious, though; this method can damage both the stone and the item you’re scratching it with. For gem enthusiasts, investing in a gemstone testing kit is wise. These kits often include tools like a loupe, dichroscope, and specific gravity tester, helping you identify fakes with more precision.

Consulting a Professional: When and Why

While home tests are helpful, consulting a professional gemologist can give you definitive answers. Professionals have the expertise and tools needed to distinguish genuine stones from fakes accurately. They can perform advanced tests that are not possible to do at home, such as spectroscopy and advanced microscopy, ensuring that the gemstone you buy is authentic.

Finding a reputable gemologist or jewellery appraiser is essential. Look for certified professionals with good reviews and memberships in recognised gemmological associations. A professional evaluation provides peace of mind, confirming the gemstone’s authenticity and value. Trusting the judgment of a certified expert ensures that your investment in a gemstone is sound and that you’re not being misled by clever imitations.


Knowing how to spot fake gemstones before making a purchase is crucial for any jewellery enthusiast or collector. With the right knowledge and a few simple tests, you can confidently distinguish genuine gems from imitations. Remember to look for visual clues in colour, clarity, and cut, and don’t hesitate to perform at-home tests to support your observations.

However, there are times when seeking professional verification is the best course of action. A qualified gemologist can provide you with the certainty you need, ensuring your investment is both beautiful and genuine. At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we offer a wide range of exquisite and precious gemstones, and our experts are always available to help you make informed decisions. Explore our collection today and feel secure in the quality and authenticity of your purchase.

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