Travels around Thailand and Mogok, Burma, Ruby land and Taj Mahal, India Review!

By | December 27, 2023

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Travels around Thailand and Mogok, Burma, Ruby land and Taj Mahal, India Review!

Travels around Thailand and Mogok, Burma, Ruby land and Taj Mahal, India Review! In this review, you’ll be exploring Thailand, Burma, Rubyland (Myanmar), and Taj Mahal, India!

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You’ll be hearing about the experiences of these breathtaking locations, and understanding what to anticipate on your tour. You’ll also receive tips on what activities to indulge in and sights to see while you’re at these destinations, so you could utilize your time to the fullest.

Watch this review to behold all of the remarkable places visited and discover their unique charm!

Enlightening you on some of the locations visited in tours around Asia \u0026 SE Asia. Prepare yourself to embark on an exciting journey with Mark Smith! In this riveting video, let Mark be your travel guide as he narrates his tantalizing experiences from exotic places like Thailand, Mogok, Burma (also known as Ruby land), and the iconic Taj Mahal in India. Discover the stunning landscapes, imbibe the colorful culture and learn what treasures these wonderful places hold in store for a traveler like you.

Mark doesn’t just stop at showing you the sights and sounds of these places. Ensuring you get the most out of your travels, he also shares insightful tips about what to do and see while you’re exploring these vibrant locales. He also showers you with surprises spread throughout the video, making sure every minute of your digital journey with him is a thrill. So, tighten your seatbelt and let’s set off on this exhilarating virtual journey!

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Exploring the Beauty of Thailand

Thailand is an awe-inspiring beauty. A nation known for its vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly locals. Our journey began on the New Year’s Day.

Overview of the New Year’s Day Temple Visit

The aroma of incense, the rhythmic chants of the monks, and the brilliantly decked interiors of the temple overlooked by a serene Buddha statue created an air of spiritual tranquillity. We watched in respect as the locals sang and prayed, their voices harmoniously blending into the serenity of the place. The temple was bustling with families and individuals clad in beautiful attire, and the air was filled with joy, anticipation, and faith in what the New Year had to offer.

Thai Boxing Experience

Next, we were treated to a Thai Boxing demonstration. The excitement was palpable as the boxers stepped into the ring, their eyes focused and bodies tense. Children as young as nine donned gloves and protective gear, their faces emanating sheer determination. The power and discipline displayed were astonishing to behold.

A Visit to the Riverside and Native Swimming Tradition

Our next stop was a picturesque riverside where the locals enjoyed a pleasant swim. Bereft of sea on our side, we found the riverside swimming a charming alternative. Couples and families gathered to take a dip in the water while others enjoyed refreshments by the river. The sight was blissfully peaceful and resembled a painting.

Rural Thailand: Fields and Tropical Scenery

Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, rural Thailand was a refreshing change. Verdant agricultural fields stretched out, the golden sunshine kissing the crops. It was silently reassuring to witness a lifestyle so close to nature and in harmony with it.

Interactions with Domestic Animals

Walking through rural Thailand, we encountered livestock and pets, each presenting their unique charm. Cattle grazed lazily in the open fields while puppies played in the farmhouses.

Encounter with a King Cobra: An Unusual Visitor

Perhaps the most exceptional encounter was with a King Cobra. The snake, which had strayed into the farmhouse, was caught by an adept snake catcher and taken away. Each interaction taught us the coexistence of humans and animals in the natural world.

A Glimpse of Vintage Pop Culture: The Beatles and Transcendental Meditation

Our journey took a nostalgic turn when we visited the Beatles’ Ashram in Rishikesh.

Introduction to the Beatles’ Ashram in Rishikesh

This serene place was where the iconic British band retreated for Transcendental Meditation. We learned about the Ashram’s compelling history, its influence on The Beatles, and how it introduced Transcendental Meditation to the Western world. The beats of their music still echo throughout the Ashram, resonating peace and tranquillity.

Experience of Transcendental Meditation in Rishikesh

Practising transcendental meditation here was a profound experience. The peace and liberation offered by this practice refreshed our spirits and elevated our perspectives.

Description of the Ashram’s Atmospheric and Physical Presence

The Ashram’s aesthetic aura is breathtaking. The serene ambiance, coupled with its size that is akin to a small village, transports you to a realm of tranquillity and peace. The Ashram embodies spirituality and serves as a beacon of nostalgia.

Travels around Thailand and Mogok, Burma, Ruby land and Taj Mahal, India Review!

Embracing the Joys and Challenges of Training a Dog in Thailand

Our Thai adventure also encompassed a unique canine experience.

Training a New Puppy

We were introduced to a playful puppy, which we decided to train. While this was the first time attempting to train a dog, it was a rewarding journey punctuated by laughter and countless memories.

Understanding a Dog’s Nature and Behavior

The training period gave us a valuable understanding of the dog’s nature and behavior. It helped us grasp the signs of anxiety, joy, and fear in the puppy, allowing us to connect with it on a deeper level.

An Exquisite Exploration of Mogok, Burma (Myanmar)

Our journey swept us into the heart of Mogok, known as Rubyland, in Burma, nestled in the stunning landscapes of Myanmar.

Mogok: The Valley of Rubies

Mogok, a picturesque valley, is renowned for its exceptional rubies and other gemstones. The entire valley sparkles in mesmerizing colors, bringing to life a fairytale setting.

Regulations and Permits for Tourists

Touring through Mogok requires careful navigation of the legalities, including valid regulations and permits. We chose a guided tour, well-versed in the required procedures.

Experience at the Government Gemstone and Jade Auction

We were fortunate to attend a government-organized gemstone and jade auction. Observing the intense bid for precious gemstones was an exhilarating experience.

Comprehending the Ruby Mining Process

A visit to the Ruby Mines provided a profound understanding of the painstaking process of mining and the people who toil day and night in these mines.

Understanding Local Business: The Umbrella Market

Strolling through the famous Umbrella Market, we could comprehend aspects of local business. This bustling market is an integral part of Mogok’s culture, with women often taking the lead as dealers.

Interacting with Ruby Miners and Dealers

Interacting with the miners and dealers gave us an insight into their challenging yet resilient lives. With worn out clothes and dust-covered faces, their smiles reflected a hard-earned satisfaction.

Travels around Thailand and Mogok, Burma, Ruby land and Taj Mahal, India Review!

Bewildering Wildlife and Local Produce in Thailand

Further exploring Thailand, we encountered a unique blend of native wildlife and local produce.

Native Cattle Culture

The native cattle culture in Thailand is an essential part of their agriculture as well as their lifestyle. We observed just how integral these animals are to the local community.

Varied Thai Produce

The diverse Thai produce, which included mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, attested to the agricultural abundance of Thailand. The colours, textures, and flavors of these products made a vibrant display.

Interactions with Thai Wildcats

Getting the chance to interact with Thai wildcats was a thrilling experience. Their appeal lay in the balance between their undeniable captivity and their native wild spirit.

Encounter with Insects and Reptiles

We came across various insects and reptiles in our journey. Each encounter was a realisation of the bountiful and varied wildlife that thrives in Thailand.

Experiencing the Magnificence of Taj Mahal, India

Our journey then took us to the iconic landmark of Taj Mahal in India.

Visiting the Iconic Monument: Taj Mahal

The beautiful white marble structure standing majestically against the azure sky was an overwhelming sight. The Taj Mahal, a symbol of eternal love, was an epitome of Indian history and architecture.

Sharing Travel Memories of India and Nepal

Travelling in India and Nepal left us with a treasure trove of memories, rich experiences, and an appreciation of the countries’ vibrant cultures, diverse landscapes, and warm people.

Mother Teresa’s Tomb Visit

A visit to Mother Teresa’s tomb in Kolkata was a spiritually enriching and humbling experience, a tribute to the woman who spent a lifetime serving humanity.

Travels around Thailand and Mogok, Burma, Ruby land and Taj Mahal, India Review!

Local Traditions and Customs in Thailand

Our exploration of Thailand was not solely centered on the natural beauty and wildlife but also involved experiencing the rich traditions and customs.

Thailand Celebration: An Outdoor Lights Fiesta

Celebrations in Thailand, especially the Outdoor Lights Fiesta, is a sight to behold. The night sky was illuminated with a thousand lights making it a magical, festive atmosphere.

Experiencing Local Thai Foods and Delicacies

Thailand boasts an authentic and rich culinary landscape. We relished a wide range of its local foods and delicacies, each bursting with distinctive flavors and textures.

Life in Rural Thailand: A Taste of the Tropics

Our journey also provided us a glimpse into the rural life of Thailand.

Understanding Thai Agriculture

Spending time in rural Thailand offered us an insight into the local farming methods and the agricultural practices that sustain the nation’s food supply.

Experiencing Rural Living

Experiencing rural living in Thailand was a refreshing and insightful journey into the basics of life. Witnessing the simple yet satisfying life of the local people filled us with immense respect for their resilience and their love for their land.

Appreciation of the Thai Countryside

Finally, the lush green countryside with its serene rivers, vibrant fields, and passionate locals left us utterly transfixed. The Thai countryside, with its unassuming charm, took us back to the roots.

Travels around Thailand and Mogok, Burma, Ruby land and Taj Mahal, India Review!

Conclusion: Reflecting on the Joys of Travel

Encapsulating the Beauty of Thailand, Burma, and India

The exploration of Thailand, Burma, and India was an unforgettable journey. Every experience, every conversation, every taste, every sight was unique and taught us so much about the rich cultures and traditions of these regions.

Sharing the Joys and Challenges of Travel

Travelling presents its joys and challenges, and our journey was no different. Whether it was navigating through language barriers or adapting to different cuisines or understanding local customs, the experiences enriched our understanding of the world and expanded our perspective.

A Final Word on the Unique Experiences Gained from this Journey

The memories and experiences gained from this journey are immeasurable. The vibrant people, breathtaking landscapes, tantalizing food, and diverse cultures filled us with a sense of joy and gratitude. As we continue exploring the world, we eagerly look forward to creating more such unique memories.

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