Where does golden sheen sapphire come from review

By | December 9, 2023

Where does golden sheen sapphire come from review

Where does golden sheen sapphire come from review. Review on where golden sheen sapphire originates from

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Welcome to my YouTube channel where you get unique insights gathered from my experience and love for gemstones and jewellery. This particular video is a review of the golden sheen sapphire, an exclusive and stunning variety of sapphire exhibiting a golden glow. Being a certified gemologist and a UK-based jewellery manufacturer located in Bangkok, I wrote an article on this gemstone, which informs the creation of this video.

You get information about the origin of the gemstone, its properties, quality and value, as well as guidance to identify and appreciate its distinct charm. If gold sheen sapphire or sapphires in general pique your curiosity, then you would not want to let this video slip. Please like, comment, and subscribe for more riveting videos on gemstones and jewellery.

Review on where golden sheen sapphire originates from
Imagine stepping into the fascinating realm of gemstones with an experienced gemologist as your guide. The radiant world of the golden sheen sapphire, known for its rarity and unique shimmer, is about to be revealed. This article will take you on a journey through the life story of this brilliant gem, shedding light on its origin, quality, and current market value.

You, a gemstone enthusiast or curious learner, will uncover the secrets of this exquisite sapphire’s unique beauty. Follow expert gemologist Mark Smith as he shares his extensive knowledge and passion for gemstones and jewelry while exploring this golden sheen sapphire’s distinct charm. Explore the stone’s characteristics, learn how to identify an authentic golden sheen sapphire, and understand why its allure has captured the attention of gemologists worldwide.

where does golden sheen sapphire come from review

Understanding Golden Sheen Sapphires

General Information about Golden Sheen Sapphires

Golden Sheen Sapphires are a unique and beautiful variety of sapphire that exudes a golden shimmer, hence the name. Belonging to the corundum family of gemstones, these sapphires are cherished for their rarity and the unique play of light across their surfaces, otherwise known as “Sheen” or “Shiller” effect. This effect is produced by light reflecting off microscopic natural inclusions within the stone, creating a shimmer that adds even more to the allure of this already impressive gemstone.

The Uniqueness of Golden Sheen Sapphires

Golden Sheen Sapphires are one-of-a-kind. Their distinctive golden shimmer sets them apart from other gemstones in the corundum family. Moreover, unlike other gemstones, their exceptional characteristics don’t end with their striking appearance. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these sapphires are incredibly hard and durable, making them a fantastic choice for jewelry.

Origins of Golden Sheen Sapphire

Primary Locations where Golden Sheen Sapphire is found

The first Golden Sheen Sapphires were discovered in Kenya, and this remains the primary location for their mining. However, the extraction site is a secret, and many have tried but failed to locate it. This not only adds an intriguing backstory and a layer of mystery to these gems, but it also contributes to their scarcity and thus, their value.

Mark Smith’s Exploration for Golden Sheen Sapphires

Mark Smith, a seasoned gemologist and jewelry manufacturer from the UK, developed a fascination for these rare sapphires. Smith has extensively explored the Thai gem market and is well-versed in all aspects of Golden Sheen Sapphires, including their origins, physical properties, grading system, market trends, and how to identify them, among others. His quest for information has shed significant light on Golden Sheen Sapphires, and he shares this knowledge extensively on his YouTube channel.

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Role of Tanzim Khan Malik in Golden Sheen Sapphire Introduction

Background of Tanzim Khan Malik

Tanzim Khan Malik is a gemstone dealer and cutter with over two decades of industry experience. He is the business powerhouse behind Genuine Gems and Jewelry Company Limited and was a key figure in introducing Golden Sheen Sapphires to the market.

Tanzim Khan Malik and the Golden Sheen Sapphire

He is like an artist with a gemstone for a canvas. With extensive knowledge of this unique material, Malik has been able to enhance the beauty of Golden Sheen Sapphires, perfecting techniques to optimize their standout features. The grading system for Golden Sheen Sapphires was also constructed and introduced under his guidance.

Physical Properties of Golden Sheen Sapphire

Characteristic Features of Golden Sheen Sapphire

Golden Sheen Sapphires boast a distinct set of features. Their primary body color results from magnetite and hematite inclusions, and their transparency grades are identified as commercial, good, fine, and exceptional. The gold sheen effect shimmers across the stone, which is not seen in standard sapphires.

Factors Impacting the Quality of Golden Sheen Sapphire

Grading and quality of Golden Sheen Sapphire differ based on several factors. Transparency and color are key criteria for assessing quality. For instance, the colors may range from gold, electrum, bronze, and copper. The four different qualities include lower commercial, good, fine, and exceptional.

where does golden sheen sapphire come from review

Golden Sheen Sapphire Grading and Identification System

Understanding the 4 Different Qualities of Golden Sheen Sapphire

Golden Sheen Sapphires are graded and separated into four different qualities: commercial, good, fine, and exceptional. Each grade has a corresponding price range, and the difference between them lies mainly in factors like color, transparency, size, and overall quality of the stone.

Describing Gold Sheen Sapphires Using the Grading System

The detailed grading system devised for Golden Sheen Sapphires allows for a comprehensive understanding of these gemstones. It comprises standard grading terminology used in the industry and additional descriptors that highlight the unique features of this material.

Value and Market Trends for Golden Sheen Sapphire

Price Range for Golden Sheen Sapphire

Prices for Golden Sheen Sapphire vary according to the assigned quality from $7 to as astronomical as $2,500 per carat. This wide price range accounts for the significant disparity in quality between the lower commercial grade and the highly coveted, top-tier stones.

The Market Trend and Demand of Golden Sheen Sapphire

The market for Golden Sheen Sapphire has been growing steadily. This upward trend has been mainly driven by the gem’s unique properties and the attention it has received from gemologists, gem societies, and major gem laboratories. Each year, the price for this gemstone has shown consistent growth, a trend expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

where does golden sheen sapphire come from review

Recognition and Authentication of Golden Sheen Sapphire by Major Gem Laboratories

Authenticating Golden Sheen Sapphire

Given the scarcity and value of Golden Sheen Sapphire, authenticity is always a concern. However, major gem laboratories like GIA, GIT, EPG, GRS, TGL, and Lotus have all confirmed Golden Sheen Sapphire as natural corundum, free from heat treatment or other enhancements.

Reviews by Major Gem Laboratories

These reputable gem labs have not only authenticated Golden Sheen Sapphires but also recognized and praised the gold sheen effect that typifies the stone. What Planet Is Star Sapphire From?

The Various Forms of Golden Sheen Sapphire

Different Colors of Golden Sheen Sapphire

Golden Sheen Sapphires come in a variety of colors, including but not limited to blue, green, and yellow.

Unique Feature of Gold Sheen Effect and Asterism

The standout feature of Golden Sheen Sapphires is their unique gold sheen effect. However, some stones also exhibit an occurrence known as asterism. This phenomenon, known as the “star effect,” manifests as a six-pointed star shape that moves across the stone as it is tilted.

where does golden sheen sapphire come from review

Use of Golden Sheen Sapphire in Jewelry

Prominent Jewelry Designers Using Golden Sheen Sapphire

Several notable jewelry designers, including Will Travis, TVSN Australia, David Yurman, Cartier, and John Hardy, have incorporated Golden Sheen Sapphires into their designs, enamored by its beauty and the unique sheen effect.

Examples of Golden Sheen Sapphire in Jewelry and Accolades

One of the most significant testaments to the appeal of Golden Sheen Sapphires is the numerous accolades they’ve garnered in the jewelry industry. For instance, in 2016, a Golden Sheen Sapphire ring won the Silver Award for Men’s Wear at the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).


The Beauty and Uniqueness of Golden Sheen Sapphire

Golden Sheen Sapphires’ unique aesthetic features make them stand out from the rest of the gemstone world. Their lustrous gold sheen effect, coupled with their rarity and durability, lends them a distinctive appeal that is hard to replicate.

The Future of Golden Sheen Sapphires in the Market

With its rise in popularity, the Golden Sheen Sapphire is expected to continue its upward trend in the market. Its unique beauty and growing demand make it a promising investment, not just for gemologists and jewelers, but for anyone who appreciates the allure of a truly unique gemstone.

where does golden sheen sapphire come from review

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