Affordable Engagement Ring Guide 2024

By | June 11, 2024

Embarking on the journey to select the perfect engagement ring is both thrilling and a bit daunting. At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we understand the significance of finding a ring that not only captivates your heart but also fits your budget. To help navigate this important decision, we’ve compiled a guide filled with valuable insights that will ensure you make an informed choice without any regrets.

Our guide takes a comprehensive look at understanding your spending limits and balancing them with your desires. Getting this balance right from the outset will allow you to explore options that are both attainable and beautiful. Furthermore, we’ll delve into the diverse array of ring settings and styles. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of a solitaire ring or the intricate designs of a halo setting, understanding the pros and cons of each style will better equip you to make a choice that’s both stylish and smart.

Choosing the right gemstone is also paramount. We go beyond the traditional diamond to introduce you to a variety of gemstones that are not only unique but can also offer more value for your money. This segment of our guide is designed to broaden your horizons, offering you choices that reflect personal style while also fitting comfortably within your budget. With our expertise, you’ll find that selecting the perfect engagement ring is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Understanding Your Budget: Setting Realistic Expectations

When we assist our customers at Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we emphasise the importance of setting a realistic budget for your engagement ring. Determining how much you can spend without stretching your finances too thin is essential. We advise you to consider not only the cost of the ring but also the ongoing expenses that owning fine jewellery can bring, such as insurance and occasional maintenance. By setting a clear budget from the start, you ensure that you can comfortably afford the ring of your dreams without financial strain.

To help you stick within your budget, we recommend focusing on the features of the ring over its size. Sometimes a smaller gemstone with exceptional clarity or a unique setting can be much more enchanting than a larger stone of lower quality. We guide you through this process, showing how different features can impact the ring’s price, and help you find a perfect balance that meets both your aesthetic preferences and financial considerations.

Different Types of Ring Settings and Styles

Choosing the right setting and style is a crucial part of selecting an engagement ring. At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we showcase a variety of settings to suit the diverse tastes of our clientele. Some of the most popular styles include:

  1. Solitaire: This classic setting features a single stone, usually a diamond, mounted alone. Its simplicity allows the gemstone to stand out as the centrepiece of the ring. Solitaires are favoured for their timeless appeal and can be less costly as they don’t require additional stones.
  2. Halo: Halo settings include a central gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds or other gem types. This setting not only enhances the sparkle but also makes the centre stone appear larger, offering a more luxurious look without a hefty price increase.
  3. Three-Stone: Often representing the past, present, and future, a three-stone setting is both symbolic and stylish. It includes a larger centre stone flanked by two smaller stones. This setting is ideal for those looking to combine different types of gemstones for a personalised touch.

Each setting offers its own benefits from both style and affordability perspectives. We take pride in helping you understand these advantages, ensuring you choose a ring that fulfils your specific needs and preferences. Whether your style leans toward the understated elegance of a solitaire or the enhanced brilliance of a halo setting, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Choosing the Right Gemstone for Your Ring

At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we love helping our clients discover the enchanting variety of gemstones that go beyond the traditional diamond. Exploring alternatives like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds can not only introduce unique beauty to your ring but can also significantly reduce the cost. Sapphires offer a range of colours from the deepest blues to vibrant pinks, each capable of capturing a personal element of your style. Rubies bring a fiery, passionate crimson that’s perfect for a ring intended to symbolise love and devotion.

Selecting the right gemstone involves understanding the traits that align with your lifestyle and budget. For instance, sapphires are nearly as tough as diamonds and are suitable for everyday wear. Rubies, while slightly softer, offer a bold aesthetic that stands out. Each gemstone carries its own story and symbolism, which adds emotional value beyond their monetary price. When we guide you through this selection process, we consider your personal taste, budget, and the practicality of wearing the gemstone daily, ensuring it’s a perfect match for your life.

Where and How to Buy: Tips for Getting the Best Value

Choosing where to purchase your engagement ring is as crucial as deciding on the design. At Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we strive to make your buying experience as informative and enjoyable as possible. We recommend dealing with reputable jewellers who are transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing processes. Online platforms can offer a broader range of styles at competitive prices, but it’s vital to ensure they have credible reviews and a robust customer service framework.

Always check the jeweller’s policies on warranties, returns, and servicing. A good warranty can protect you against potential defects in craftsmanship, and a flexible return policy ensures you can shop with confidence. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every purchase you make with us leaves you delighted and satisfied. We also offer detailed advice tailored to your needs, leveraging our expertise to help you find the best value for your investment in fine jewellery.


Navigating the world of engagement rings and gemstones can seem daunting, but here at Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd, we’re committed to making this journey smooth and memorable. From understanding your budget to choosing your ideal gemstone and finally selecting where to make that significant purchase, every step is crucial. We are dedicated to offering you a tailored service that meets your every need, helping you find a piece that resonates with your personal story and lasts a lifetime.

If you’re ready to find the perfect engagement ring with gems like emeralds and diamonds, explore our collection today or get in touch with us for personalised advice. Trust Maura Gems and Jewellery Co Ltd to help you make an informed and joyful decision.

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