Corundum in Bangkok Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of World’s Blue Sapphires Review

By | December 9, 2023

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Corundum in Bangkok Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of World’s Blue Sapphires Review

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In this engaging narrative about Corundum in Bangkok, you’ll be journeying on the discovery of hidden secrets of the world’s blue sapphires.

Sought-after world over, blue sapphires are some of the most desired gems available, and justifiably so. Bathed in vibrant colors that captivate the eye, their beautiful cuts capture light in the most enchanting ways and elevate any jewelry collection. In this narrative, you will uncover the clandestine aspects of the world’s blue sapphires while learning everything critical to understanding these amazing jewels.

Find out in-the-moment insights about blue sapphire, a member of the Corundum species, direct from Bangkok.
Embark on a mesmerizing journey, exploring the hidden treasures of the gem world, as you uncover the secrets of blue sapphires through our comprehensive review – “Corundum in Bangkok: Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of World’s Blue Sapphires.”

This review doesn’t merely skim the surface; instead, it dives into the heart of the matter, expertly guiding you through the stunning colors, gorgeous cuts, and fascinating history of blue sapphires – a gemstone with an allure that has stood the test of time. As the September birthstone, traditionally believed to ward off dangers and disease, the sapphire’s significance extends beyond its beauty, carving a unique place for itself in mythology and folklore.

The review further takes you around the globe, revealing the myriad sources of blue sapphires, from Asia to Africa, and Australia to Sri Lanka, highlighting the distinct characteristics of each region’s produce. Kashmir in India, for instance, is famous for its velvety blue, slightly milky sapphires, whereas Myanmar offers violet-ish blue “royal blue” sapphires. Price, a critical consideration for any buyer, is also discussed at length, addressing factors such as color distribution, cut, clarity, and country of origin that impact it. Remember, sapphires can range from a few US dollars per gem to hundreds and even over 100,000 US dollars per carat! Join this illuminating journey and bask in the world of blue sapphires.

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Understanding Corundum

Definition of Corundum

Corundum is one of nature’s most extraordinary marvels, an exceptional mineral that forms extremely hard, crystal-like structures. This fascinating marvel is formed in the Earth’s crust and is renowned for its resistance to wear and heat.

Chemical Composition of Corundum

At its core, corundum is an aluminum oxide. Despite its seemingly simple chemical composition, it holds a unique spot in the mineral kingdom thanks to its hardness and brilliant hue variations, which largely hinge on traces of other elements found within its composition.

The relationship between Corundum, Sapphire, and Ruby

Corundum is essentially the backbone of two of the world’s most celebrated gemstones —ruby and sapphire. Although a common assumption is that sapphires and rubies are two distinct mineral species, they are both corundum’s offspring. Their vibrant hues have distinct origins: sapphires derive their intrinsic blue tone from iron and titanium, whereas rubies owe their fiery red color to chromium.

Exploring Blue Sapphires

Description of Blue Sapphires

Blue sapphires, also known simply as sapphires, embody the pure essence of the sky’s ceaseless beauty. These splendid gemstones famously boast a mesmerizing blue hue, whose intensity can range from light, airy shades to profound, inky ones.

Why Blue Sapphires are most sought after

Of the myriad colors sapphires can take on, blue reigns supreme in terms of desirability. The enduring allure of blue sapphires stems from their arresting color, which beautifully mirrors the vast firmament’s serene expanse. These captivating gems are beloved for their transcendent colors, providing an enchanting spectacle that effortlessly arrests one’s gaze.

Significance of Blue Sapphires as September Birthstone & their Traditional Beliefs

Designated as September’s birthstone, blue sapphires hold a particular significance for those born in this month. Historically, these gems have been revered as safeguards against evil and disease, not to mention their supposed power to make peace between enemies. Their color echoes a profound, calm wisdom, providing a symbol of truth, sincerity, and consistency.

Corundum in Bangkok Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of Worlds Blue Sapphires Review

Sapphire Varieties beyond Blue

Introduction to Fancy Sapphires

Beyond the universally admired blue sapphire, there exist myriad corundum variations classified as “Fancy sapphires.” These stunning gems occupy a spectrum of colors exclusive of blue and are further enhanced by color prefixes,and each color conveys its own singular beauty and meaning.

Colors and Characteristics of Fancy Sapphires

Fancy sapphires’ hues span a vivid rainbow of colors. These include orange sapphires, possessing a charismatic, fiery charm; alluring green sapphires, evocative of nature’s soothing tranquility; and intriguing brown sapphires, redolent of the earth’s ardent core. Each color variation carries its unique charm and meaningful symbolism.

Gem-Grade Sapphires

Definition of Gem-Grade Sapphires

Gem-grade sapphires represent the crème de la crème of sapphires, characterized by their exceptional quality, including an ideal blue to violetish-blue hue, striking color saturation, and desirable tone among other factors.

The Tone and Saturation Ranges for Gem-grade Sapphires

Gem-grade status is most commonly assigned to sapphires exhibiting medium-light to medium-dark tones, along with dizzyingly rich, bubble-gum-like saturation or dark tones with strong saturation levels. These coveted gems are revered for their striking coloration and captivating allure.

Corundum in Bangkok Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of Worlds Blue Sapphires Review

Geographical Sources of Blue Sapphires

Sources of sapphires around the World

The majestic sapphire makes its appearance in various corners of the world. From the magical landscapes of Asia and Africa to the sun-kissed regions of Australia, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar, sapphires color the world map with their opulent presence.

Characteristics of Sapphires from Different Geographical Regions

Sapphires, depending on their place of origin, bear unique characteristics and attributes that define their overall appeal. With a distinctive color palette and varying levels of quality, these geographical differences significantly influence sapphires’ value and desirability.

Unique Blue Sapphires from Specific Regions

Kashmir-originated Sapphires and Their Unique Characteristics

Nestled in the heart of soaring peaks, Kashmir-originated sapphires emanate an intoxicating velvety, slightly milky blue hue likened to cornflowers. Known for their unparalleled splendor, these gems command a dramatic increase in price, thanks to their mesmerizing color and distinctive provenance.

Myanmar’s famous royal blue Sapphires and Their Special Traits

Myanmar, previously known as Burma, pays tribute to its legacy through its royal blue sapphires —an visual homage to the nation’s royal heritage. These gems shed light on violetish-blue charm and stand as highly valued treasures in the world of gemstones.

Corundum in Bangkok Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of Worlds Blue Sapphires Review

Understanding the Price of Blue Sapphires

General price range of sapphires

Sapphires occupy a wide price spectrum, from a few US dollars per stone reaching up to hundreds or even six-figure sum per carat for jaw-dropping, large Kashmir-originated stones.

Factors affecting the Price of Sapphires

Several elements come into play when determining sapphire prices, including color distribution, cut, clarity, and country of origin. Aspects like enhancements and size also hold substantial weight, with varying impacts on the ultimate price tag.

Distinguishing Traits of High-Value Sapphires

Role of Color Distribution in Sapphires’ Value

Color distribution forms a pivotal factor in sapphires’ value assessment. Even color distribution throughout the gem is vital to high valuations, while significant variations can considerably reduce a sapphire’s overall worth.

Impact of Clarity on the Value of Sapphires

Clarity has its significant role in appraising sapphires’ value. Flawless or nearly flawless gems could potentially see a notable price surge. However, those with visibly prominent internal flaws or inclusions can experience substantial depreciation in their value.

Influence of Country of Origin, Enhancements, and Size on Sapphires’ Price

Sapphires bearing the proud marks of origin from regions like Myanmar and Kashmir usually command premium prices. Similarly, enhancements like thermal treatment can amplify a sapphire’s worth, while size undoubtedly plays a monumental role in defining its value.

Corundum in Bangkok Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of Worlds Blue Sapphires Review

Star Sapphires and Their Impact on Sapphire’s Value

Description of the Star Effect in Sapphires

Star sapphires are unique in that they display what’s known as asterism or the star effect. This enchanting optical illusion gives the appearance of a luminous star dancing across the surface of the stone, adding a unique dimension to the gem’s allure. where does golden sheen sapphire come from review

How Star Effect can Increase or Decrease the Value of Sapphires

Although the star effect can bolster a sapphire’s visual appeal, its impact on a gem’s value is not always positive. A pronounced, symmetrical star can boost the stone’s value, while a blurred or offset star can decrease its attractiveness and, consequently, its worth.


Summary of the hidden secrets of world’s Blue Sapphires

In the spectacular world of blue sapphires, countless secrets are hidden within their mesmerizing depths. From their unique origins and fascinating color variations to their special traits and pricing insights, these gems promise an intriguing quest in the realm of gemology.

The Beauty and Importance of Sapphire Gemstones in the Global gem Market

Blue sapphires undeniably embody unparallelled beauty, making them a central figure in the global gem market. Their unique charm stems from their enchanting color range and exotic origins, meticulously crafted shapes, and symbolic significance.

The Continued Exploration and Appreciation of Blue Sapphires

Behind all their captivation and mystique, blue sapphires invite endless exploration and appreciation. As time unfolds, the allure of these stunning gemstones continues to inspire gem enthusiasts, artists, and collectors alike, forever entrancing us with their timeless beauty.

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