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You can see tons of rappers with a million dollars in diamonds but you won’t see this many diamonds on any rappers chain or ring. Buying a diamond parcel this large in one go instead of a lot of smaller parcels over time will allow you to get more for your dollar and have more spending power when dealing with diamonds and jewelry as a whole. For larger stones, we get a GIA certification and if you have the chance to make deals with parcels like these, make sure you know you’re getting a good price for the quantity. Tag or send this to anyone you think needs to learn this.
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Hi, I'm Mark, the author of Maura Gems and Jewellery. As a team of qualified gemmologists and goldsmiths, we bring you world-class jewellery at Bangkok prices. With offices in both Bangkok and the UK, we ethically source the finest gemstones directly, eliminating any middlemen. We offer a wide range of stunning ready-made jewellery items in our new online store, available for retail or wholesale. Additionally, we specialize in custom-made jewellery where we can bring any design to life. Whether you're a trade professional or an individual customer, we cater to all. Feel free to email me at mark@mauragemsandjewellery.com or call/WhatsApp me at 07470547636 or +66949355718. Discover our incredible collection by visiting our online store. I guarantee you'll love what you find there!

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